Prayer Quilt

For the last two years we have made prayer quilts for people who are ill or discouraged to help promote the love of God and the support of His people. The latest recipient is a young girl by the name of Skylar who has AML Leukemia and will undergo bone marrow transplant after the first of the year. Here is a picture of Skylar with the prayer quilt. It is number 48. Please pray for her upcoming procedure and a return to full health afterward. Blessings

Ladies Christian Fellowship

The Ladies Christian Fellowship (LCF) meets the 4th Monday of each month, from September through April and is open to all ladies of the Church. We have good fellowship and keep busy with various projects. We plan and organize the Mother/Daughter Banquet each year in the spring. Our on-going projects are sending flowers to Church members who are hospitalized. We also make fleece blankets for anyone from the Church who is sick. We host the June Fellowship Break providing graduation cakes to honor the graduates. Another yearly project we do is to make and decorate Christmas Stockings for the soldiers. The Weston American Legion Auxiliary fill the stockings with candy, personal items, socks, etc. and mail them out.


The Leadership Ministry of the church consists of a Preaching Minister, Elders, Deacons, Trustees and a Treasurer for the Corporation who make up our Board. We are a non-denominational church that is responsible for its own finances, leadership and positions regarding the Faith. Officers are typically elected every year from qualified candidates who are members of the church. 

Currently the Minister and Elders are involved in a mentoring group with nine other men. We are studying a book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer called "Life Together" trying to develop and instill the ideas of community and fellowship the book espouses. This selected group meets on the second Sunday of every month for study, prayer, fellowship, and food.

Also there are quarterly men's meetings that are held with sister churches in the area on usually the first Saturday at 9am at various locations on an alternating schedule. Throughout the year there are opportunities to attend seminars and workshops at our Bible colleges and other such affiliated programs like I.C.O.M (Missions).

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Let It Rise

"Let it Rise" is comprised of a group of dedicated musicians that practices every Thursday evening at 7pm. If you have a gift of playing an instrument, think about joining the band.

Missions Ministry

Pacific Rim Ministries

Darryl& Carol Krause – Kalibo, Philippines



Christian Children’s Home of Ohio – Wooster, Ohio

Provides residential treatment for children and youth as well as adoption services, foster care, home based services, and outpatient counseling.






Mountain Mission School – Grundy, Virginia

            Provides refuge and relief for children at risk.






Active Christians Today – Bowling Green, Ohio

Campus Ministries at Bowling Green State University & University of Toledo






TCM International Institute – Indianapolis, Indiana &

Vienna, Austria. Training Christians for Ministry in Europe and Central Asia




Great Lakes Christian College – Lansing, Michigan

Educating men and women for preaching and other ministry roles as well as for careers related to the church or other institutions in the public sector.





Lake James Christian Assembly – Angola, Indiana

Conducts summer camps for young people and provides year-round facilities for meetings and retreats for churches and other Christian organizations.




International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)   




Her Choice Center - empowers women to make informed decisions and offers free services including pregnancy testing, nurse appointments, limited ultrasounds (to verify viability), parenting classes, post-abortive counseling, as well as providing for material needs.